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The Green Hornet (2011) Review

The Green Hornet (2011) Review

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the son of James Reid (Tom Wilkinson), one of LA’s most well-known and respected media moguls. Up until James Reid’s (Tom Wilkinson) untimely death, Britt is content to lead a directionless life on the party scene. Without his father, Britt has little knowledge of his father’s newspaper, “The Daily Sentinel,” or its history. Without his father, Britt is unable to handle meetings, staff, or even his own aspirations. He ultimately remembers one of his father’s personal housekeepers, Kato, who he only knows as having been in charge of preparing his coffee after firing nearly all of them (Jay Chou). He recruits Lenore Case as a new secretary for the newspaper (Cameron Diaz).

Long ago, the diligent and creative Kato began working on the priceless vehicles that James owned. The two start an odd relationship after finding a shared interest in cars. Britt decides to act rashly and settles on decapitating a public statue of his father after they both agree that James had a short fuse. He succeeds, but notices a street heist in progress while Britt and Kato are both concealed in cars and wearing green cloth masks. While Kato watches his employer running from a number of armed men, Britt struggles to assist the victims. The situation is immediately assessed by Kato, who then beats them off and drives a very impressed Britt home. They saw the incident as their opportunity to make a significant contribution. They see an opportunity to fight crime for the first time in their life as a result of the occurrence.

Due to his more assertive demeanor, Britt takes the lead, and the two decide to pose as crooks in order to approach the offenders. In this manner, their adversaries would be less likely to suspect their identities or attempt to profit from them by taking hostages. Utilizing all of his creativity and expertise, Kato creates cutting-edge throwback weapons, such as his pride and joy, “Black Beauty,” an unbreakable automobile with an equal amount of firepower and horsepower. In order to expand their fame, Kato offered the name “The Green Hornet” in a meeting with Britt’s top press representatives. Britt gives the criminals he encounters a business card with an email address on it to contact. Lenore is instructed by Britt to research and forecast the Green Hornet’s criminal tendencies in order to retain their cover as criminals. Britt himself uses his newspaper to spread word of the notorious new criminal.

As he and Kato hit the streets, Britt transforms into the vigilante the Green Hornet, protecting the law by breaking it. The Green Hornet and Kato rapidly begin to establish themselves, rolling in a mobile castle on wheels and taking out the bad guys with Kato’s inventive weapons, but tensions soon develop between the two. Because Britt is fixated on playing the lead character, he denigrates and mocks Kato as the weaker sidekick. Kato is tired of being overlooked by the media and derided as the “nameless thug.” As the two get to know Lenore better, tensions rise, leading to a fight that almost results in Kato’s death and results in his termination from Britt’s employment. Lenore, who was also fired by Britt because of his suspicions that she and Kato were having an affair, feels little sympathy for Kato.

Without his regular backing, Britt begins to hang out with Scanlon (David Harbour), the District Attorney candidate who had said he wanted ownership of Britt’s newspaper in exchange for “compensation.” Due to the conflict between Scanlon’s unyielding attitude and Britt’s temper, the two explode at each other. Britt finally agrees to meet with Scanlon because Lenore thinks that journalism is all about hearing all perspectives. What he is unaware of is that the Green Hornet received an email, and Kato discovers that the vigilante was hired to assassinate Britt Reid in a restaurant in front of everyone.

Scanlon finally acknowledges that he was accountable for James’s death when speaking to Britt at the restaurant about his aspirations to dominate the media and take office as the district attorney. Scanlon remains unfazed when Britt shows him the USB that he used to capture the entire talk. The man in charge of LA’s seedy underworld and the one who hired Kato for the assassination turned out to be Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz), who had arrived to the restaurant in his disguise. Britt does not behave irresponsibly in a stressful situation for once when Kato enters the restaurant and puts a gun at her head, scaring away the other patrons. Before Chudnofsky’s men show up, Britt finally apologizes to the other man and wins Kato over to his sincerity. The two then turn on Scanlon. Chudnofsky discovers that Britt is the Green Hornet as they flee together. They all set off in search of the Black Beauty with Scanlon and numerous other gang members.

While Kato makes his way to the newspaper offices with the intention of making the recording of Scanlon’s confession available to the public, Britt assumes his Green Hornet persona inside the Black Beauty. The situation descended into chaos as the remaining employees and the majority of the building’s structure and machines got in the way of Black Beauty, Chudnofsky’s men, and the police that eventually arrived to the scene. Black Beauty was being pursued by Chudnofsky’s men who were all armed and driving their own cars. Once they get to Britt’s workplace, Kato keeps their adversaries at bay while Britt tries to transfer the data. To his horror, no recorded data is available for upload. After witnessing Chudnofsky holding Kato at gunpoint, Britt moves quickly. He recalls the training Kato discussed and quickly assesses the situation before rushing in to assist. Chudnofsky cannot be rendered unconscious, but he manages to disable a number of mob members, and during the ensuing confusion, Chudnofsky is rendered blind by Kato. When the police show up before they can deal with Scanlon, he immediately identifies himself and orders them to shoot the vigilantes.

The Green Hornet decides to flee the situation rather than letting Scanlon get away and risk having their identities discovered, but not before killing him. Britt and Kato manage to escape through the injector seats that, amusingly enough, Britt previously jokingly suggested Kato make by smashing what was left of the Black Beauty through Scanlon and out the window. They head to Lenore’s house, but their escape is not entirely trouble-free because Britt sustained a gunshot wound and cannot visit the hospital without drawing attention. Lenore discovers their identities after beating and pepper-spraying them and tries to assist Britt in removing the bullet without the right tools. The three of them come up with a strategy together.

The following day, Britt Reid gives a press conference and claims that the Green Hornet criminal successfully attempted to kill Scanlon by destroying the office. Black Beauty suddenly enters the scene, and a disguised Kato says, “The Green Hornet offers his condolences to the Reid family,” before shooting Britt and running away. While a police car pursues the iconic black automobile driven by the Green Hornet, Lenore goes to the hospital with Britt so he can get his gunshot wound treated. The car changes to a white color to elude police suspicion before returning to its original black color once the police car has passed, revealing Kato’s newest invention.

Later, Britt, dressed as the Green Hornet, shows up at Kato’s house and announces that they have a secret assignment and that everything that came before was pointless and that this mission was the only thing that counted.

The task was to reattach James Reid’s statue’s head.

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